Spearfish provide security for those travelling to or operating in complex environments around the globe.

Spearfish have proven experience of development sector risk and the issues that are likely to be experienced in the field. Our knowledge regarding the current areas of hostile activity and anticipating potential future hot spots proves invaluable. Guidance on accommodation, trip management and contingency plans helps protect staff travelling overseas, whilst in-country staff, offices, equipment and transport can benefit from our in-country teams providing expert local knowledge. Spearfish can also place local security managers within a project to implement security operational procedures, advise management, deliver risk reports and liaise with other security agencies and suppliers.


  • Strategic Security Management

  • Risk Assessments

  • Complex Environment Training

  • Operational Security

  • Crisis Management


Case Study

Spearfish regularly run Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), Driver Training and First Aid courses for clients, both abroad and at our UK training site. A range of interactive exercises gives attendees a challenging and stimulating experience, preparing them to respond quickly and more effectively when a threat is for real.



Spearfish protect businesses by increasing their resilience to adverse events.

Case Study

Spearfish are currently advising a growing UK business that sends many of its employees to high-risk countries.

We have implemented a robust security management strategy, and our consultants support the business to operate successfully in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous areas.

Having a strong corporate pedigree, Spearfish are able to understand the priorities and aims of a company, and how security must support the primary aim of getting the business done.  Our board is equipped with extensive experience of delivering security in organisations, often in difficult environments or challenging conditions.  We have worked for large multinationals with in-house security teams, as well as smaller businesses without a security director – all of which require an approach that exactly matches their culture and ways of working.  We have worked in many different countries and dealt with many different problems, including terrorism, crime and natural disasters.


  • Security Threat and Risk Assessments

  • Travel Security Management

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

  • Crisis Management Training and Response

  • Security Design Engineering

  • Strategic Security Advice and Mentoring



Spearfish protect vessels and crews to an exceptionally high standard using our extensive knowledge and experience.

Case Study

Spearfish assisted a square-rigged vessel manned by a mix of able and partially able crew. Their route through the Indian Ocean made a piracy encounter highly likely. We implemented comprehensive anti-piracy procedures, and deployed an onboard team to protect this unique sailing vessel, which arrived unmolested in Sri Lanka.


Spearfish started life as a purely maritime company.  Working in the superyacht, commercial shipping and oil & gas sectors, we excel at tasks where quality and competence are the main requirements.  We have the ability to tackle assignments that are unusual, may not have been done before, or require a different approach to the current market solutions. We have worked for a wide range of clients, including superyacht owners, oil exploration and production companies, and cruise companies.  We have provided security for a diverse range of vessels including floating oil storage units, large superyachts and even a square-rigged sail training vessel.


  • Ship/Port Security Plans & Assessments

  • ISPS Security Training

  • Onboard Security Teams

  • Vessel Hardening

  • Crew Awareness Training

  • Shoreside Security



Spearfish provide discreet security services for individuals on a case-by-case basis to solve their unique security issues.

Case Study

One of our clients had serious concerns over the privacy of their family and residences. Spearfish were able to deploy a covert solution that gave oversight and early warning thereby minimising this unwanted intrusion


Spearfish have provided security services for people who require a bespoke and more unique service.  With a focused and discrete approach to our work, we can provide the style of security that individuals want. We understand their values and ways of wanting to get things done, which usually entails a completely unique approach.  We have worked for clients who require surveillance services, close protection or chaperones.  We have worked in residential environments, or travelled with clients on business or leisure.  Our insight into world of the High Net Worth Individual allows us to deliver the right level of service in the right manner.


  • Surveillance

  • Residential Security

  • Close Protection

  • Event Security

  • Home Security Systems

  • Personal travel security



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